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PostSubject: Introductions   Introductions Icon_minitimeThu Dec 01, 2016 7:30 pm

Here, you can introduce yourself if you feel so inclined. Very Happy At the very least, you can tell us any nicknames you prefer and list any side accounts you want known.
I'll start us off!

My name is Koori, but my friends all call me Koo. uwu I like anime and video games, but of course, I have my particular tastes. I couldn't tell you my all-time favorites, though I've been playing a lot of heavily-modded Skyrim lately, and I take any chance I can get to encourage people to watch Death Parade, Terror in Resonance, and Princess Tutu. ["{Edgy title}, {edgy title}, {BALLERINA PRINCESS}" One of these things is not like the others...]
What else, what else... My favorite movie is The Lion King [I think that set me on the path to my love of roleplaying lions], but I like a lot of Disney and Don Bluth movies. [Not big on Pixar, though.]
This is my first time running a pride, but with the help of Yama/Juhudi, Helli/Rizah, Kara/Dejen, and all our pride members, I think we can do this! Very Happy
Also, I'm in Pacific Timezone, and am usually online all day. :'D
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