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 Gods, Spirits, etc in Fahari

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Gods, Spirits, etc in Fahari Empty
PostSubject: Gods, Spirits, etc in Fahari   Gods, Spirits, etc in Fahari Icon_minitimeMon Dec 05, 2016 6:07 am

On names
You'll notice a mishmash of Swahili and Zulu here. Probably the constituents that made up the original Fahari spoke them. :'D

Original triad
State cult. There can be any number of Ngawiras because she represents an acceptable ideal for more than one person to aspire to, but to name your child Fahari or Mshindi, you'd have to be some kind of extremely qualified royalty.
Fahari -- 'Pride'
Father of the mythical Two Brothers, original owner (although not creator) of the world.
Mshindi -- 'Victor'
Preferred brother in this version of the myth. God of all those nice, competitively advantageous masculine traits.
Ngawira -- 'War prize'
Wife of Mshindi; the kind of reward a victor would have. Goddess of foresight and wisdom, as well as just reward, lust etc. Basically ideal femininity.

"Evil" triad
Not praised; 'other' gods and mythical ancestors considered evil, generally Ash-Shallal's sainted ancestors.
You can name your kids this, but it's hardly kind; only the last is really excusable.

Manat -- 'Fortune', here in the context of the idol
Demon of the waterfall and mother of greed and laziness.
Mtamu -- 'Sweet one'
God of sycophants, those who receive things undeserving, degeneracy, unfitness.
Juhudi -- 'Effort'
Toil; the lot of those who cannot take that which is theirs. Thought of as the mother of sorcery, which is labor-intensive and obviously not at all like Fahari magic. Personified as a snake, which eternally drags its belly on the ground because Fahari did not even allow it legs.

qOrowa tetrad
Deities the allies brought with them, slowly gaining currency. It would be a little offensive to name cubs these things, barring Gaius because it's so common and he has titles. But you could.

Matariel -- Exalted sun
The Sun, the mother of creation; sometimes conceptualized as a wife to Fahari, sometimes on her own.
Leiliel -- Exalted moon
The Moon, the shadow side of creation; sometimes conceptualized as another wife to Fahari or as a better sister to Juhudi.
Gaius / Gaiya -- Rejoicing
King in the Place Where the Sky is Stone, Divine ancestor of the qOrowa; often syncretized with Fahari or painted as one of his sons (a forgotten third brother so like his father that he was, like, way wiser and hid to provide help when he was needed). Also sometimes a daughter, hence the alternate name form.
Shiima -- Listener
Saviour-figure of a small cult, fated to return and lead them to peace. Pacifistic kind of entity that doesn't accept sacrifices and encourages music and being generally like Ash-Shallal. Usually thought of as male and nearly maneless, sometimes spotted or striped -- the qOrowa think of this as abstraction from leonine warlikeness, but most Fahari think of it as emasculation and proof of why you shouldn't be like that.

Saints and Legends and Misc Deities
It is not taboo to name cubs these things. In fact, it's probably not even uncommon, in emulation or to attract them.
Jeuri -- violence
The king who enslaved and later hunted down the children of Mtamu. Patron of holy war, crusades.
Sanura -- young cat
Patron of cubs and unmated youth.
Nonhlanhla -- mother of luck
Spirit of fortune, water and gifts; more rebellious and astute people might connect her to Manat, although she's much more like Santa Claus than God.
Nobuhle, Nonjabulo, Nothando -- mother of beauty, joy, love
Three sisters; goddesses of different stages and types of relationships.
Nolwandle -- mother of oceans
Patron of fertility.
Bhekisisa -- be cautious
Patron spirit of hunting.
Nqobizitha -- conquer the enemy
Spirit of war.
Minenhle -- good day
A spirit of weather, after whom cubs might be named to affect it.
Mcebisi -- good advice
A very wise lion of the distant past.
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Gods, Spirits, etc in Fahari
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