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Enter here. Find your home. Find your pride. There are two paths; which will you take?
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PostSubject: PSA REGARDING JOINING   Tue Dec 06, 2016 9:07 pm

It has come to our attention that people make the assumption that Koo controls both prides, and can let you into them both. There is also the assumption that all this was one person's idea, which it was not -- all four staff share responsibility for the creation of this universe.
These assumptions, well, assume a lot of and are probably very draining on poor Koori!
We understand why you might have come to that conclusion -- Ash-Shallal is, after all, what the site is named for and what's in the banner.
This was a mishap, but a mishap grown so habitual that it probably won't be changed.

For reference:
Karuole and Yamakari recruit for and administrate Fahari.
The pride was also originally Karuole's idea, though I contributed a good portion of the lore across the board, with the exception of Ash-Shallal's origin -- Koo's involvement here was minimal.
Do not ask Koori if you can join Fahari; she can hook you up with Kara/Yama, but she can't put you in.
DO ask Karuole or Yamakari! Kara and Yama would be glad of the recognition!
koo is not a god koo is not a god koo is not a god koo is not a god she is a mortal with a life and sanity koo is not a god

ADDENDUM: due to personal circumstances in Kara's life, Yama will be recruiting for the group. The rec account is Naretaa, which is nominally Kara's, but shared due to the aforesaid circumstances.

Koori recruits for and administrates Ash-Shallal Al-Hadi.
The pride was originally her brainchild, created on the spur of a moment some time ago when she told us out of the blue that she was going to try leading a pride.
Koori is the only one who can let you into Ash-Shallal.
Do consider asking her and joining: there is no literacy restriction and no fancy sampling required, and Koo is a very gracious host!
The other staff can accept requests to join the pride and throw the deets about the asker at her, but no more. The last word on Ash-Shallal membership is essentially hers.
Please try not to incessantly ask her about when the other staff will be on, either -- because she doesn't know.
koo is not a god koo is not a god koo is not a god koo is not a god she is a mortal with a life and sanity koo is not a god

A final kind reminder that just because a staff member has no executive power over one or the other pride does not mean they're not staff. We have an information network made from the neural interfaces of all living creatures connected to Hoewa, and there's usually at least one of us on, so we can see your transgressions. BIG SISTER IS WATCHING YOU. so don't be an asshole

However, once again, we are mortal. We have lives. Occasionally, we will disappear, and it will be on you -- the community -- to stay together through our absence.
For this reason, it is highly recommended that you make friends in the pride and start plots and subplots and basically contribute to building the world! It's very stressful to think that 20+ people all depend on you to be online every day because they're all in it for the King/Queen/Speaker's pants and get bored when they aren't on.
Build a community! Make friends with each other! Make friends with us! MAKE A VAST, MANY-BRANCHED NARRATIVE OF HOPES AND DreamS!


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Posts : 29
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PostSubject: Re: PSA REGARDING JOINING   Thu Dec 08, 2016 4:24 pm

If you want in but the rec for that pride isn't on, feel free to make a post in Introductions with your username in-game and any questions you might have.
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