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Name meaning:
Tem: white, pale (qOrowa)
i: interconsonantal connector particle; no meaning on its own
toph: girl, young thing, -ko suffix in Japanese
Temitoph: Pale maid

Speech style:
Does not use pronouns, or if she does, only rarely.
Native language has variable word order; may attempt to make this work in Common.
Uses kennings when she doesn't know the word for something.
Refers to both herself and people in the third person: "Is it that the good child of Fahari may spare a moment? Temitoph wishes to speak."

HaTawyaa: the Soarer
LiHanatoph: matronymic; daughter of Hanatoph (lit. 'given to Hanatoph')
ViMatariel: sent by the sun goddess ('taken from Matariel')
LiArrhesh: royalty ('given to the only leader(s)')
qRheshtem: of the skull, skull-wearing

Fahari/Ash-Shallal (normative) mapping: female
qOrowa mapping: tophyaa
Explanatory footnote: the qOrowa think of gender in terms of the expression and social role of the person it belongs to, separate from sex. There are two: tophyaa and yamyaa. The difference is entirely behavioural and depends on conditioning and personal identification. By convention, there is a strong expectation for tophyaan to marry yamyaan or those who express like them, but it is not unheard of for the convention to be broken.

Unknown, but respectable.

qOrowa lioness; p. leo infernalis

Is drawn to:  
Females, irrespective of social gender.
May fall for a male if he's something special.

Is mated to:
Tewi, Ayni, Oshael, Safiel, Toqitoph (wives)
Mahyama (husband)

Holds the rank of:

Collects bones, arranges them into skeletons, entertains people with the result.
Debates theology with the ghosts of Speakers past -- Shamans tend to agree with her, which she finds boring.
Arranges aesthetic bouquets of herbs.
Holds seances.

To maintain the uneasy peace.
To see Rizah out of here.
To hold her control over Fahari.

Abandonment, failure, loss, shame. Also illness, specifically dying of it; the thought of the disease that just swept through Lungriwa getting to her is utterly terrifying and contributes to hypochondria.

Mental State:
Sane. Preoccupied with political machinations. Worrying.
Tired of Rizah's shit. Tired of Dejen's shit. Has her Fahari group mom goggles on. Misses her family. Wonders if Safiel had their babies yet.

Temitoph's something like a combination of politician and overprotective religious mother with the silk hiding steel/yamato-nadeshiko concept.
She is capable of 'switching off' her sense of empathy to act in a political or manipulative capacity, but has an extremely maternal, hypochondriac outlook towards those in her influence. She has to know where Jay and Finch were last night and why Reuben, Agnes and Simon's den smells like pot. She won't sleep until she knows everything about everyone and knows they're safe.
On the other hand, she's also rigid and focused on orthopraxy, with a moral compass she holds her congregation to unflinchingly, and has a tendency towards passive aggression. Although acting meek and ladylike where it counts, Temi can also become furious and avenging.
She is also, however, genuinely loving.

A white lioness with golden whorls patterning her pelt, a qOrowa trait that would have helped them to blend into rock formations in their ancestral home but is now useless except for looking pretty.
She has a pair of bull-like horns, which are generally concealed under the ungulate skull she covers her face with; these evolved to contain and protect a form of feeler that allows her species to sense mental states and project emotions, statements and images. Temitoph has not used it for more than dilettante-level telepathy.
She's the odd one out in her clan, where it's more common for horns to be longer than hers.

Born into the Arrhesh qiLungriwa clan, Temitoph learned at a young age that she and her cousins were a cut above the rest, members of the lineage that controlled every other qOrowa polity in Lungriwa. She was lazy with her studies, however, and passed over for every qualification that mattered -- her family was on the verge of disowning her when a dangerous political figure announced his interest in the young lioness.
Leaping on the only chance they had to make something of the useless daughter, the clan made arrangements immediately.
The younger Temitoph, afraid but already seeing the potential benefit, went gracefully into the harem of a near-total stranger.
Learning as she went, she soon had to break out of her introspective shell and navigate a complicated social sphere; although it did not come easily at first, eventually her heart was hardened and her wits made sharp.
The reason? Try as he might, consult auguries as he might, Temitoph's mate could not sire cubs with her.
Perhaps the rumour of her deliberately consuming abortifacients was true, or perhaps it was not, but regardless, her social position in her new clan was threatened by her inability to produce children -- and Temitoph had to find other ways to be appealing, to keep her head above the water of oblivion. So she forged bonds with the other wives, with lesser clan females, with anyone who'd speak to her.
Years on, when the much-older husband died, Temitoph was unanimously declared the new head of his harem and the inheritor of his social position. Newly worth something, she now had to deflect political passes from nearby clans and curry favour with the family that had bartered her.
When news arrived of a disease in the lands beyond the gods' eyes, no one in Clan Arrhesh had any desire to go there and keep an eye on the people's warring neighbours. It was beneath them to slave away under threat of some bloodcurdling illness in what they saw as the sticks!
But Temitoph was qArrhesh, no matter how estranged, and so she was selected to be the eyes and ears of the people, torn from her new family and sent to do what had to be done...
Little did she know what awaited them when she was gone.


♒ Unsure | ✄ Curious | ☁ Friend | ✿ Family | ☼ Best Friend
▢ Foe | ■ Rival
☠ Hate | ☒ Disgust | ✘ Dislike | ▼ Cautious | ◎  Fear
✫ Respect | ✫ Trust | ✯ Friendly
♢ Comfort | ♦ Intrigue
➳ Interest | ♡ Passionate | ღ Mate | ❣ Ex-mate
✞ Mourn | ☮ Sympathy | ϟ Pity | ▲ Envy | ¡ Jealousy | ๑  Bewilderment

☁✿✫✫♢ღ: Mahyama, Tewi, Ayni, Oshael, Safiel, Toqitoph
Temitoph is, or was, close with her harem and worries for them frequently. Although they said they'd send birds, and although she left Safiel her rights when she departed to deal with the Ash-Shallal/Fahari problem, there is nothing to prevent her from imagining countless potential scenarios.

✿: Witemi
Temitoph is not aware of the existence of her daughter, but would love her if she was.

▼☒✘▲▢✿: Clan Arrhesh
The family that abandoned her, only to reach their filthy paws in again and ruin her life, is understandably not occupying a positive place in Temitoph's mind.

☒■๑▼: Rizah
He gives her the creeps and his interests conflict with hers.

♒✄☁♦☮ Dejen
She understands his position, but wishes he were a bit more useful to her or put his foot down with Rizah more frequently.
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