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Enter here. Find your home. Find your pride. There are two paths; which will you take?
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 ♦ Adriano ♦

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- FLY -


Name♦ Adriano
Age♦ Five years
Gender♦ Male (he/him)

Astrological Sign♦ Sagittarius
Birthday♦ December 18th
Sexuality♦ Heterosexual

Virginity♦ w h e r e
Children♦ No, you don't want smol Adriano's dabbing everywhere
Blood Type♦ O+

Known Languages♦ English (100%) Spanish (100%)
Overall Health♦ 100%
Mental Illnesses♦ Blind in left eye


Height/Weight♦ 2.5 m/ 450 lbs
Mane Color♦ Red
Eye Color♦ White
Scars♦ Four across rib cage, Bullet hole in right ear, Scratch across left eye


Likes♦ Long runs, Hunting, Rain
Dislikes♦ Fire, People
Fears♦ Hunters
Hates♦ Gimme a minute *pulls out list*

Strengths♦ His connections
Weaknesses♦ Cubs, his overly competitive nature
Positive Personality Traits♦ Protective, Caring, Strong-Willed
Negative Traits♦ Brooding, Spiteful, Stubborn, Rebellious, Aggressive, Harsh, Rude, Vengeful


Stranger ♦♦ Acquaintance ♦♦♦ Befriended
Trusts ♦♦ Loyal To ♦♦♦ Respects
Curious (non romantic) ♦♦ Interested (non romantic) ♦♦♦ Devoted (non romantic)
Shy ♦♦ Uneasy ♦♦♦ Fearful
♦ Annoyed ♦♦ Dislikes ♦♦♦ Loathes
Interested ♦♦ Infatuation ♦♦♦ Love
Affection ♦♦ Sexual Attraction ♦♦♦ Lust
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♦ Adriano ♦
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