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 ANNOUNCEMENT: Group Reset 2017

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PostSubject: ANNOUNCEMENT: Group Reset 2017   Sun Nov 12, 2017 9:06 pm

Goodness, it’s been a year, hasn’t it?
It has, and that’s something that’s fascinating to us. A whole year, and this idea still seems good on revisiting.
Only a while ago it seemed that we had given up on it, but it always lingered a little bit in our hearts, and now – close to the beginning of 2018, a very lucky year – it’s going to capture your hearts as well.
As you might have gathered, things – in life, at work, and in general – have smoothed out considerably.
Discords have been acquired, jobs have been figured out, there’s even a wedding involved… we’re adulting, you guys. Like real adults.
And adulting like real adults means we think we have the responsibility, commitment and skills to return to this idea here, this whole Manati thing, and to try to lead everything again.
To do our best in creating the stories we failed to create when we were younger and dumber.
Without further ado, as of this day, Yama Day 2017, court is back in session. Shit’s getting real again.
Welcome back to the waterfall, and may your journey here be a beautiful one!

That said, there have been some changes to two of our staff members’ activity:
Helli joined the armed forces, so may be online less often – most likely weekends only at first, and then as they give her more free time, things will progress.
Yama is going to trashy Jew seminary and preparing to defend a secular linguistics thesis, so will be a little bit quieter during the week – and after that active all week, but completely inactive Fridays to Saturdays. Yama feels like rabbinical ordination obligates her at least a little bit to observance.

Of course, Koo is still here to see you through things, Kara is as ever at your service and we have a discord server: !

Whether it’s 2017 for you right now, or 4715, or 5778, or whatever other year calendrical haberdashery permits, may it be a good one, and I hope we can see you active with us for many months to come.
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Posts : 29
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PostSubject: Re: ANNOUNCEMENT: Group Reset 2017   Sun Nov 12, 2017 9:12 pm

Note also, for the concerned, that Yama Day was two days ago. But two days ago was
Shabbat, and after that was Veteran's Day, so as far as Yama celebrating properly is concerned, happy Yama day to you!
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ANNOUNCEMENT: Group Reset 2017
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