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 Fahari Ranks

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Monarchs (King/Queen): Materially take charge of the pride. [FK; FQ; FM depending on preference]
Currently: King Dejen [karuole], no queen.
Shaman: Spiritually directs the pride. [FS]
Currently: Temitoph HaTawyaa [Darksun808].
Heir: Selected to succeed the monarch; generally dynastic. [FH]
Acolyte: Selected to succeed the shaman. [FA]

Sharpclaw: Any lion of age and ability to fight and guard as directed by the monarch. [FSh]
Fleetfoot: Any lion of age and ability to hunt and spy. [FF]
Brighteye: Any lion of age and ability to heal and perform rituals as directed by the shaman. [FB]
Greypelt: Any lion too old or infirm to fulfill their duty; greatly respected. [FG]
Softpaw: A lion in training for a rank. [FSp]

Cub: Exactly what it says on the tin. [FC]
Servus/a: A prisoner or severely demoted lion whose function is to serve the pride doing odd jobs and waiting upon their whims. [FSe]
Ghost: A lion who has committed a heinous crime and suffered the worst sentence the pride can invent. Worse than exile, slavery or death, Ghosts do not even socially have lionhood, and may be ignored completely or attacked without consequence when they are not needed. The life often drives one insane. [FGh]
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Fahari Ranks
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