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 Staff Contacts

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PostSubject: Staff Contacts   Mon Nov 28, 2016 2:40 am

If you ever need to reach us or know who we are in-game, here's all the info your gods are willing to give you:

alts: Darksun808.
Currently active with:
Juhudi [Ash-Shallal civilian]
Temitoph [Fahari shaman]

alts: RealityChek.
Currently active with:
Umaiza [Ash-Shallal monarch]

alts: Naretaa (recruiter)
Currently active with:
Dejen [Fahari king]

alts: Blackstorm901
Currently active with:
Rizah [Fahari Advisor]
Soraya [Ash-Shallal Speaker]
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Staff Contacts
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