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 Lore Differences

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PostSubject: Lore Differences   Lore Differences Icon_minitimeMon Nov 28, 2016 3:58 am

Things are obviously different between the prides.
Here's a few of the differences found in the way they interpret their history (only makes sense in context)

Creation: The world has always existed.
Two Brothers myth: A lion named Fahari had two sons, and they fought over mates.
Deity's preference:Fahari preferred the warlike son, but that son was cheated out of his land by the weak one.
Stance on own deities:Fahari, Jeuri, Mshindi etc ascended to godhood. Mshindi was so hot the waifu did all the things consensually!
Stance on opposing deities: And Manat is a demon or not a thing.
The Concealment:Ash-Shallal's ancestors sorcery'd themselves into hiding in the waterfall.
The Nightborn: There will be a stronk lion who can kill all the hoes!
Religious leadership:The shaman is clergy and has authority because the ancestor spirits and the gods said so. Can't do stuff without the shaman!
Necromancy: You can summon the dead to the world of the living if you believe hard enough.
The minority: The qOrowa allies were a gift from the gods for our losses! Their god is a helpful outside force, but not really a god...

Creation: Manat made the world.
Two Brothers myth: Manat had/made/wished into existence two sons and made wives for them.
Deity's preference: Manat preferred the chill son and his waifu, and it was the chill son's virtue that got him handouts.
Stance on own deities: Manat has always been there, just revealed herself as the sole divinity at that point, and happens to live in or especially prefer the waterfall.
Stance on opposing deities: Jeuri is a tyrant, a demon and overall a shitlord. Mshindi is Cain. Mshindi's waifu was probably bullied into it.
The Concealment: Manat hid their ancestors in the waterfall and did some miracles like a boss.
The Nightborn: There will not be any stronk; he's not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy.
Religious leadership: The Speaker of Manat just interprets what Manat is saying and knows religious law. Even if they didn't exist, the pride could and probably would continue praising the goddess, because the oral histories are not some state secret.
Necromancy: The dead will help if they and Manat are in accord about it. Otherwise, don't even think about it!
The minority: The qOrowa -- like that shaman in Fahari, Temitoph -- are weird hoes with their own weird god and nobody will deny his efficacy but das sorcery guis, we're calling it.
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Lore Differences
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