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 Ash-Shallal Group Reset

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Ash-Shallal Group Reset Empty
PostSubject: Ash-Shallal Group Reset   Ash-Shallal Group Reset Icon_minitimeTue Jan 03, 2017 7:43 pm

If you log into your Ash-Shallal pride character on FH, you might notice it doesn't have a group anymore. Don't worry! Nobody's been kicked from Ash-Shallal. The FH group was remade, on a new account- Bollywood, a recruiter account shared between the pride staff. Anyone who wants back into the group can message me here or on FH [username Koori]; I try to always keep an FH site tab logged into Bollywood for ease of access, so I should be able to invite people to the group quickly.
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Ash-Shallal Group Reset
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